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Your Best Guess - Brothers Contest - CLOSED

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 24, 2014, 11:18 AM
:bulletblue:My Gallery:bulletblue:Points Commissions:bulletblue:"Betrothed" - My Lion King Comic:bulletblue:Adoptables:bulletblue:FAQ:bulletblue:

Hey there! The contest officially closed yesterday (only just now had time to update this) and I'll be judging the winners before the week is over. :dance: Good luck everyone! And thanks for entering! Judging is gonna be so hard... OMG... :eager:


Surprise! :la: I'm holding another contest! :D There will be three winners, and each will get some special prizes! Read on to find out more. ;)


:bulletgreen:"Your Best Guess":bulletgreen:

Brothers - Page 38 by Nala15

For those of you who've read my comic "Brothers," you know that when we last left our heroes, Taka made some sort of discovery. :sherlock: Your task: Give me your best guess as to who or what he's discovered! :la: Also consider the rest of the plot so far... please know that I'm NOT going to judge these based on how correct your guess is. It will be judged (as always) on creativity and the time/thought put into your entry.

Your entry can be done as a picture, a comic page/strip, or a written story. :boogie:

:bulletgreen:Only original art or stories are allowed.
:bulletgreen:Your entry may be art or a written story.
:bulletgreen:You can enter two entries.
:bulletgreen:Bases and line-art (and anything else) that you didn't create are NOT allowed.
:bulletgreen:Art theft, tracing, manipulation of screencaps/other fanart, and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Any entrant caught doing so will be disqualified from the contest. 
:bulletgreen:Stick to the theme (of course!)
:bulletgreen:Have fun!

:star:Entries will be judged by me on creativity and originality. You can choose to present an entry that would fit well in my story, or do something crazy! It's up to you. :aww:

(If you'd like to help me out in donating a prize to the winners, I'd really appreciate it! :D Just send a note or comment if you'd like to offer something.)

First Prize
A full-color pic of one character (with a background) or a custom character from me! :D
A mention of your entry on "Brothers" page 39.
A full-color single character picture, shaded with a BG, from :iconjennidash:
200:points: from :iconjuffs:
A full-color picture of one character, shaded with a BG, from :iconminuetofmoon:
50:points: and a full-color single or two characters picture, cell-shaded, filtered(integrated to bg), with a BG from :iconmidlasoc:

Second Prize
A custom character or simple OC ref sheet from me!
A mention of your entry on "Brothers" page 39.
A non-shaded picture of a single character with a transparent BG from :iconjennidash:
100:points: from :iconjuffs:
A non-shaded picture of one character (no BG) from :iconminuetofmoon:
50:points: and a full-color picture of a single character, soft shaded, filtered with a BG from :iconmidlasoc:

Third Prize
A character headshot with simple background from me!
A mention of your entry on "Brothers" page 39.
Line art of a single character from :iconjennidash:
50:points: from :iconjuffs:
Digital line art of one character from :iconminuetofmoon:
50:points: and a small speed-paint of a single character, soft shaded, filtered with a simple, blurry, painted BG from :iconmidlasoc:


:star:July 15, 2014:star:

Keep It Down .. Kid (Your Best Guess Contest) by StageTechy1991 (with story) by :iconstagetechy1991:
My Best Guess Brother's Contest (Entry 1) by Mytokyokitty and My Best Guess Brother's Contest (Entry 2)Taka: Hey guys, come here! Hurry!
Sarafina: What do you think it is Sarabi?
Sarabi: I don't think it's anything to get excited about.
The cubs head towards Taka who is staring at something moving around in the ground as if it was burrowing. They continued to watch until it settled.
Taka:  Look what I found. What is that thing?
Mufasa: I'm not sure, but we shouldn't bother it.
Sarabi: Yeah, just look at the size of it.
Sarafina: It doesn't look friendly either.
Taka: Well I'm curious to see what it is.
Taka beings to approach it, but Mufasa stops him.
Mufasa: Are you crazy?! What if it attacks you?
Taka: Well if you're so brave, why don't you go and touch it. I dare you!
Mufasa: What?! Mom and Dad said we're not supposed to approach strange animals!
Taka: What's the matter, you chicken?
Sarabi: What's a chicken?
Sarafina: You got me. :shrug:
Mufasa: Forget it Taka. We're only go
 by :iconmytokyokitty:
Your Best Guess- Contest Entry by space-picnics by :iconspace-picnics:
Your Best Guess Contest Entry by saraviuchiha by :iconsaraviuchiha:
My Contest Entry: Best Guess of BrothersThe future king of the Pridelands did not like the tone of his tricky younger brother. True that brothers would compete with one another. It would always take its course. They would always learn from what turned into something serious. Mufasa and Taka were no exception. Not only did being the younger brother and not the future king made Taka slowly burn a fire of hate, but there was something else. It was obvious by their images—Mufasa having golden fur and a red mane growing while Taka had dark orange fur and a black mane growing—that they were nothing alike.
The day before was spent by them arguing about who was better at a test with hunting and ended with Mufasa listening in on a conversation between his parents and Taka. Even Mufasa knew the point that Taka tried to make that night. Mufasa now had a bad feeling. After his father Ahadi tried to get information from hyenas, the brothers were met again by Sarabi, to whom Mufasa was betrothed and they grew their friendship,
 by :iconagent36496:
What in the world is it? by MissMapleOwl by :iconmissmapleowl:
Nala15 contest entry by Dawnfire6 by :icondawnfire6:
Contest Entry: My Best Guess: Brothers (1.Entry) by Fire-Sanyu and [Contest] My Best Guess: Entry 2 by Fire-Sanyu by :iconfire-sanyu:

A loner for nala15What do you think it Sarabi? Sarafina bounced as she ran to taka. I don't think it's anything to get excited about Sarabi said as she gave a look. The cubs saw a pile of blood at Taka's paws it was fresh not old.. What did you do!!!! screamed Mufasa as Sarabi took a horrified gasp. A dead lioness lay in front of them with hyena marks all over her. I didn't do anything! Taka yelled i found her here she was already dead!. They killed her and daddy a weak voice said sadden and scared. Who are you Mufasa said shaking. A rouge cub around Taka's age stepped from the body she was crying her ear torn and marks all over her. It's ok your safe now Taka said in the softest voice ever spoken. What's your name cub Sarafina said .My name is Zira she said about to bawl out again. Cry all you want taka said crying with her as he hugged her as she cried her eyes out if my mother died too I would cry until my heart was flooded. Come on we can get you somewhere s by :iconmikaylapuppysparkle2:

Best Guess Brother's Contest entry by Kio-Mystery by :iconkio-mystery:

Brothers - My Guess - contest entry for Nala15"We're here!" Taka called out as he ran ahead.
A gorge opened up to them like a hungry mouth. Mufasa, brother of Taka and heir to the throne of Pride Rock, caught up to him with Sarabi and Sarafina following. The four lion cubs stopped at the edge and looked over the steep hill.
"This is the place?" Mufasa asked, "Where's the prey?"
"Right over..." Taka pointed his muzzle to a wildebeest herd, "...there."
Mufasa's eyes widened, "No way. We can't hunt wildebeests! Look at those hooves!"
"What? Are you scared?" Taka teased his older brother.
"No! Of course not! I'm only brave when I have to be!" Mufasa retaliated.
Sarafina's cheery smile wearied away into a worried frown, "I'm with Mufasa on this one. I don't think this is a good idea."
Taka started trotting towards the herd, "Only the strong survive, and bravery makes the strong stronger."
"Taka wait!" Mufasa cried out when Taka ran to one of the wildebeests.
Taka let out a small roar but it didn't even stir a calf. He tried again. Taki
 by :iconstarflightilluminada:

Your Best Guess-Brothers by RaineySkye by :iconraineyskye:

A cub? by Tomboy1403 by :icontomboy1403:

The elephant graveyard by Swequine by :iconswequine:

A Rouge: Conest Entry for Nala15 by X-Shazzii and Liars: Contest entry for Nala15 by X-Shazzii by :iconx-shazzii:

Contest Nala15 by Polarliger by :iconpolarliger:

Comic Strip Contest Entry~ Nala15 by EyesInTheDark666 by :iconeyesinthedark666:

Things You See... by TruLion by :icontrulion:

Entry for Nala15's contestTaka: Hey guys come here !
They bounced to Taka while Sarafina asked:
-What do you think it is Sarabi ?
-I don't think it's anything to  get exited about.
Taka was watching a rogue lioness and her cub approaching the Pridelands, exausted and starving, barely walking. Taka wanted to get a bit closer, but Mufasa stopped him:
-What do you think youre doing ?
- I am trying to get CLOSER you knucklehead 
-But what if they are dangerous, thy could kill you !
-They are weak Mufasa, i am going down there !
-Fine then, Sarabi, go alert my father right now.
-Alright Muffy, i am on my way.
As Taka approached the lioness, he noticed that they are brownish red, just like Taka. When he got close enough, Taka yelled:
- Who are you ?
-I am Furaha, and my daughter is Ujuzi ? Who are you ?
Taka showed himself to them, showing them that he is not a grown up, but a cub. Furaha sat there waiting for his answer, but not too suprised to see a cub wander around them. As Taka got brave enough to answ
 and Entry for Nala15's contest by TICI9090 by :icontici9090:

Your Best Guess Entry - Ill Intent by Titanic-Wyvern by :icontitanic-wyvern:

My Best Guess- Contest for Nala15 by ChristinYou by :iconchristinyou:

Nala15 Contest EntryNala15 Contest Entry!
Mufasa ran faster, the two young lionesses behind him, as his brother called out for him again. He felt his heart race, thinking something was seriously wrong and raced over the see what the problem was.
“Taka! Are you alright..?? What is it!” he yelled, finally catching up to his red furred brother. Taka was looking at something through a tuft of long grass, and used his tail to signal for his brother to come forward further.
“Look at this...I've never seen creatures like these!” the red cub said, softly. He wasn't sure if what he was seeing would harm them or not. Mufasa crouched slightly and inched forward for a look, Sarabi and Sarafina copying him. He shoved just a portion of his head through the grass next to Taka, and his eyes widened. He could hear the lionesses gasp with surprise beside him. Mufasa didn't even notice Zazu landing back on his shoulder, a nervous shudder going through the hornbill's body.
“What....are they?
 by :iconshinigamimaxwell:

Have fun and good luck, guys! Can't wait to see your entries! Send the link to me in a note or a comment and I'll feature them here! :squee:

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Artist | Professional | Varied
You can call me Nala. :aww: I've been drawing my whole life. I started doing digital art in 2007, and have been learning lots of new techniques, experimenting and striving to improve my skills since 2006. When I'm not drawing, I'm writing. When I'm not doing either of those things, I'm working or relaxing. But sometimes I write and draw at the same time. It's called comic creating. :D

I started my first, full-scale Lion King comic in September 2010. The comic is called "Betrothed" and I dedicated it to a fellow artist and friend of mine who passed away just days before I posted my first page. :( RIP, Simbamarasa. :tears: I miss you.
On a happier note, my comic was a HUGE success (much bigger than I ever anticipated), and wrapped up in December 2012. BUT, it inspired a sequel, which began pre-production in July 2012 and is currently in actual production. The comic is called "Brothers". Check it out and let me know what you think. I recommend reading "Betrothed" first to have full enjoyment of its sequel, but it isn't entirely necessary.

When I'm not making art for myself or doing comics, I'm doing :points: commissions, entering contests, and offering prizes and adoptables.

Thanks for visiting my page! :wave:

And yes, I do return the llama badges. :D

Favourite genre of music: Pop
Favourite style of art: Digital, and watercolors
Operating System: PC
Wallpaper of choice: Spider-Man anything!
Favourite cartoon character: Simba and General Grievous
Personal Quote: "Learn from your mistakes."
Raptor loop gif from Jurassic Park 3

I'm gonna do a Flash Friday auction today! (I have a character design bug I need to get out of my system.) Of these, what would you like to see? 

44 deviants said A baby Wyvern (dragon with two hind legs and wings; not the four-footed variety)!
35 deviants said An ocelot cub!
15 deviants said I can't decide! :nuu:
13 deviants said A young Utahraptor!



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