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November 27, 2012
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Betrothed Wallpaper - A Mother's Regret by Nala15 Betrothed Wallpaper - A Mother's Regret by Nala15
UPDATE: I fixed this so that the download is a zipped (compressed) file with all three wallpaper sizes (listed below) enjoy!

This is to help pacify some of my fans who did not (and I sincerely apologize :forgiveme:) get their "Betrothed" fix last week. ^^; There will be a new page this week! Thanks for being patient. :highfive:
Since "Betrothed" will soon be coming to a close, I'm offering a series of (and long-promised in this case) wallpaper of some favorite scenes. :aww:

This scene is from page 71 where Uru faces the difficult decision of allowing Ahadi to betroth Mufasa to King Khalfani's daughter Sarabi. :( Mufasa is too little to understand why his Mama is so upset, but he still tries his best to reassure her. :iconnala15babymufasaplz: Bless his little heart.

The download is available for 10:points: and includes three different sizes:
If anyone needs another specific size, let me know. I'll add it before you download. :aww:

More wallpaper is on the way soon! :boogie:

Other "Betrothed" wallpaper:

Art *Nala15. Scene is from "Betrothed" - a Lion King fancomic by *Nala15. Uru (design only, with some inspiration from *Shembre) *Nala15 and Mufasa Disney.
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Nala15 Apr 4, 2014  Professional General Artist
Uru and Ahadi shouldn't have been betrothed like that at all, because of the pressure of those around them it cause their marriage to crumble a bit.

Uru won;t force Mufasa and Sarabi like she was.
Nala15 Apr 6, 2014  Professional General Artist
Exactly. :nod: I was so surprised that I was the only TLK writer/artist that brought up this issue.

Not at all.
Arrange marriages are a serious matter, and I'm sure Mohatu would never want this for his son or put Uru in that position because he felt guilty for killing her father before she was born. And because of him forcing Uru into a marriage she didn't want his son ended up getting his heart broken when Taka was born and she confessed that she doesn't love him and is only staying for Mufasa's sake. If Mohatu were to see this he would regret it deeply and would wish he never arranged the marriage to begin with.

At least Mufasa and Sarabi love each other, Uru would be relieved for that.
I'm kinda confused with why she's upset. I mean is it that bad for Mufasa to be betrothed to Sarabi? O.o
Nala15 Jan 3, 2013  Professional General Artist
Uru just knows first hand how a betrothal can turn sour for the couple in question. They're being forced to marry one another - whether they love each other or not. She just doesn't want Mufasa or Sarabi to go through what she's been through in her own betrothal to Ahadi. :iconsadnodplz:
Aww That does explain it.
aiedail-guardian Nov 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
So adorable :heart:
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