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April 30, 2012
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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 30, 2012, 2:56 PM
:bulletblue:My Gallery:bulletblue:Points Commissions:bulletblue:"Betrothed" - My Lion King Comic:bulletblue:Adoptables:bulletblue:FAQ:bulletblue:

By growing necessity, I've decided to write up one of these. :) I'll get it to look pretty and organized later. But right now, I'm just throwing in the basics. Thanks for reading before asking! :hug:
(all answers are coming soon :))

Art Related

What program do you use to draw your digital art?
Adobe Photoshop 7.0 :painter:

Do you use a tablet?
Yes, I do! :D I've been using a Wacom Bamboo tablet since 2009 and I LOVE it! With my old digital art pics (2009 and earlier) I used a mouse to color my scanned sketches. Hats off to you artists who STILL use a mouse and make it look good! ;)

Do you take commissions?
Yes, I do! :D Right now, I just accept points :points:. For commission details and prices, click here:…

Do you do art trades?
Yes, on occassion I open up a few slots and ask to do trades with friends. You might get lucky. :D But please don't beg for a trade.

Do you take free requests / will you draw me a picture?
Very, very rarely. I have a life and as much as I'd like to, I can't draw every request that I get. However, if I REALLY like your idea and/or if you're a close friend (someone I've known at least a year on DA or in real life), then I might accept. Might.

Can I draw you fanart / gift art?
Absolutely!!! :squee: I LOVE surprise gift art!

Can I use your OC's (original characters) in my stories?
Please ask me first. I'll look at your project, and if I approve, you can use my character as long as you give me credit for their designs.

Can I use your ideas for my stories?
Again, please ask first. :)

I wish I could draw like you...
Okay... not really a question, but I hear this a lot. It's another way of asking: "How did you get so good?" Well, I'm still learning and my work is far from perfect. However, I can suggest that you work hard and dedicate yourself to your art if you'd like to "draw like me". Use reference, read books and tutorials, take classes. Do whatever it takes. But if you're passionate, don't quit! You can do it! :w00t:


I love your comic! :love: How do you do the pages / what's your process?
After I wrote my script, I sketched out the pages (well in advance of me inking/coloring them). Then I scanned them so I could digitally ink, color, and shade them. After that, I added the gutters, dialogue, and talk balloons. It's a long process, but very rewarding. :D

When will the next update be?
I try to upload at least one page a week, depending on my real life schedule of course, and the difficulty of the sketched page (number of characters, BG complexity, etc.).

I want to do my own comic. Any advice or tips?
LOL That's a short question requiring a long answer. :giggle:
Okay, first you need to write a script of your story. It will tell you how your story goes, so you don't get lost. It should be as detailed as possible, and can be written like a short story, an outline, or a movie script (check out the internet for examples of a comic script, too). But the more detail the better.

Once you have your script, you'll need to design your characters (if you haven't already). Tailor them to their personalities. Is a character evil? Make them sharp and nasty-looking (unless it isn't supposed to be obvious that he's the villain. Then you can make him look however you want and reflect his evil ways in his actions and personality). Is a character a love interest? Make them well-fit and handsome/pretty. :aww: BUT remember that with a comic, your main characters should be simple in design (no over-the-top anything like markings, jewlery, superpowers, colors, etc.). They can have things in their design to make them unique, but don't go overboard. You want your main character to be relatable and you want your readers to be able to see something of themselves in your main character(s).

After you're done designing characters, it's time to sketch out your pages. :D Follow your script closely. You might need to sketch out the panels a few times until you find something you like. In my case, I usually divide my page evenly into four sections and then break the sections up into panels when I need to. But I've also done full/splash pages (no panels) and a page with just a few large panels and/or circle inset "panels".
:bulletred:Whenever you're sketching out your pages, remember to leave room in the panels for your talk balloons and/or captions. Otherwise things can get really crowded really fast adn you'll cover up your art with word balloons.

After your sketch is finished, you can ink it (either by hand with pens or digitally). Then, color, shade, and add your BG. If you're coloring/drawing by hand, do the coloring AFTER you add the talk balloons. Yes, they are TALK balloons and NOT speech bubbles. If you're doing talk balloons digitally, make sure the words are in an easy to read font like Comic Sans or Arial.

Then, you're done! :D

For more info on comics, I recommend reading Scott McCloud's books "Understanding Comics" and "Making Comics".

Will you draw my comic for me?
If you pay me in :points:, maybe.

:dalogo: DA / Social Related

How long have you been on DA?
4 years and counting. :dalove:

What was your first upload?
Caught Reading by Nala15

Would you like to join my group?
That depends ENTIRELY on what it's about and the environment that the community of the group creates.

Will you be my friend?
LOL I hear this A LOT! Sheesh. This isn't kindergarten or grade school, people! If you want to be my friend, please don't ask this. I'll say yes, but this question is annoying. Want to be my friend? Talk to me. Comment/fave on my stuff. I might do the same for you. :hug:

Do you have Skype/IM/MSN, etc?
Nope, nope, and nope. But I do have a chatroom that I visit on occassion.

Can you please read my story / look at my pictures?
ONLY if I have time and ONLY if it grabs my interest and holds it for at least 10 seconds. I'm kinda picky.

How did you get your points to start filling up so fast?
A LOT of people paid for their commissions/adoptables that way. :XD: And some of you were just plain generous. Thanks, btw! :glomp:

Will you give me points?
Maybe... Depends on how generous I'm feeling. And if I know you.

Will you buy me a subby (premium membership)?
See above answer. Typically, I'll only do this for close friends.

What's your real name / what do you look like?
Not telling. ;)

How old are you?
Old enough to care, young enough to dream. :D

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ImmaTLKShaniLioness Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013
SORRY!!!! Everything is wrong! How do you become friends with someone on this site (deviantart)?
Nala15 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013  Professional General Artist

Well, first off. Don't ask. It seems immature.

The most important thing is to just talk to people you want to be friends with. Don't pester or leave comments every day or (God forbid) every hour if they don't reply. Be patient. Talk about things you like about them/their art/their stories/their photos/their gallery/their profile. Eventually you may find things in common. When they do reply, be courteous and thank them for replying but don't be over-the-top excited. Being excited is fine but something like OMG YOU REPLIED YOU REPLIED OMG YOU'RE SO AWESOME!!!!! might be a bit... much. ^^;

For me, it's just that. Talk to me. Find common interests. Just like in real life. How do you make friends in real life? Just like you do on this site. Just don't be pestering or make a nuisance of yourself. I know that's never the intention when you genuinely want to be friends, but sometimes people do get too excited. Just learn to recognize that and you'll be fine. I'm not saying that you've done this, but I have known a couple of people here that did do those things, and people got very upset with them because of it.

I hope that helps. :aww: I'm looking forward to learning more about you so we can go from aquaintances to friends. :handshake:

ImmaTLKShaniLioness Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013
I think I understand! You mean I should ask the person I want to be friends with what the person likes and dislikes and the kind which interests the person has and what animal person like maybe we have something in common!
ImmaTLKShaniLioness Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013
It was wrong! How do you become friends with someone on (
ImmaTLKShaniLioness Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013
I do not understand! How do you become friends with someone on (
ymke1000 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
hey um nala? can you make a comic page? how much are they btw? i hope not too expencive
Nala15 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Professional General Artist
They're 160:points: each.
ymke1000 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
Nala15 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Professional General Artist
It takes nearly 5 hours to do one page, on average, and 160:points: = 2 US dollars. So, that's relatively cheap.
ymke1000 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
Yeah not for me i get my points from DA only
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